Chauncey Gardiner's Garden

Fibonacci Squares
89 x 89 x 3 cm
FineArt Print pigment ink on Hahnemühle German Etching 310 g/m2
Alu Panel 1mm / solid wood PRM-frame black
Edition # 5+1
Artwork-ID: GC-FSQ-II-89x89-X/5


Fibonacci Squares

The Fibonacci Squares collection shows arrangements of Fibonacci squares whose side lengths are Fibonacci numbers.

Chauncey Gardiner's Garden

Chauncey Gardiner’s Garden is a series of colorful, nested Fibonacci squares, one small within the next larger. The larger becomes the framework of the smaller. Due to the law of Fibonacci numbers, the frame width is half the length of the next smaller Fibonacci square. The ratio of frame and content approaches the golden section with the growing size of the squares.

Due to this construction, each square appears twice, once as a frame and once as content. Identical squares also have the same color.


The image has a square format that is completely filled by the largest Fibonacci square. All other square Fibonacci frames are aligned in the same way, and each randomly meets another square at a corner. The famous movie-gardener Chance the Gardner would really enjoy such a layout of the beds. Played by Peter Sellers in Being There, the humble gardener is accidentally mistaken for Chancey Gardiner and becomes an adviser to the President of the United States.