Fibonacci Circles
34 x 55 x 1 cm
FineArt Print on Hahnemühle William Turner
Panel Dibond 2mm with Alu-C-Profil
Edition # 13+1
Artwork-ID: GC-FCI-I-34x55-XX/13


Fibonacci Circles

The Fibonacci Circles collection shows arrangements of circles whose diameters correspond to the Fibonacci numbers. The diameter of a single circle is therefore the sum of the diameters of the next two smaller circles. The colored areas grow with the square of the Fibonacci numbers.


The two smallest circles are arranged vertically one below the other and are touching. They are, so to speak, the origin of the picture, the big bang, or viewed from the other side, the black hole. Starting from the first two, each circle touches exactly four neighboring circles: on the one hand it touches the two circles whose diameter sum is its diameter, and on the other hand it touches the two circles to whose diameter it contributes as part of the sum.