Curved Kite Dragon

Curved Kites
610 x 1597 x 34 mm
FineArt Print on Hahnemühle German Etching 310 g/m2
Alu Panel 1mm, Solid Wood-PRM-Frame black
Edition # 5+1
Artwork-ID: GC-FCK-III-61x157.9-X/5


Curved Kites

The Curved Kites collection shows arrangements of a series of so-called curved kites, whose dimensions correspond to Fibonacci numbers. A curved kite is an interesting geometric figure that resembles a stingray or a curved kite.

The edge of a curved kite consists of three quarter circles. The two small quarter circles of the same size meet in the pointed tail of the kite. The large quarter circle connects the other ends of the small quarter circles and meets them at a 45° angle.

If the small quarter circles have a radius r, then the large quarter circle has a radius R = √2·r.

A curved kite has the amazing property that its area is exactly r², where r is the radius of the small quarter circles. Consequently, this curved kite has the area of the square in which one of its quarter circles is embedded (see figure below). The curved kite thus shows a kind of “squaring of the circles”.

Foto: © 2024 Gauthier Cerf. All rights reserved. 

Curved Kite Dragon

Curved Kite Dragon is a simple form of curved kites, in which the individual kites are lined up horizontally according to their Fibonacci size, with the sharp tips alternately pointing upwards and downwards rotated by 180º degrees.

This creates a harmonious, smooth wave form of the large quarter circles horizontally, which is contrasted by the vertical sharp tips of the spikes.

It is these spines that give the resulting figure its name due to its resemblance to a dragon or a stegosaurus (one of the best-known dinosaurs due to its imposing tail spines).