Fibonacci Ladder III

Fibonacci Ladder
115 x 134 x 3 cm
FineArt Print on Hahnemühle German Etching 310 g/m2
Alu Panel 1mm, Solid Wood-PRM-Frame black
Edition # 5+1
Artwork-ID: GC-FLA-III-115x134-X/5


Fibonacci Ladder

The Fibonacci Ladder collection shows arrangements of linearly interwoven rectangles in two tones. The rectangles represent the rungs of a ladder and the spaces between them. All rectangles have the same width.

The height of the rungs, viewed from bottom to top, corresponds to the Fibonacci numbers. The height of the spaces, viewed from top to bottom, also corresponds to the Fibonacci numbers. The width of the ladder is chosen so that the top rung (and therefore the bottom space too) forms a square.

Fibonacci Ladder III

Fibonacci Ladder III shows three horizontally stacked Fibonacci ladders, each with eight rungs. Since the eighth Fibonacci number is 21, the eighth rung has a width and height of 21 cm and is therefore a square. The height of the ladder is calculated from the height of all rungs and all gaps, i.e. twice the sum of the first eight Fibonacci numbers, which equals 108 cm.

The three ladders are all constructed the same. The color of the rungs is chosen using a blue gradient from light to dark. However, the colors of the spaces between the three ladders are different and have a yellowish, a reddish and a black gradient, with the color brightness being the opposite of that of the rungs. The middle ladder was rotated 180 degrees.

In each ladder itself there is a symmetry between rungs and spaces that allows the eye to see rungs as spaces and spaces as rungs. This puts the viewer in a tension and a conflict as to which of the two perspectives should be chosen. Both color gradients give each other space and take space from each other.

By placing the three ladders on top of each other, the tension is also transferred to the neighboring ladders.

The picture (like each ladder) has no top an no bottom and can also be hung both vertically and horizontally.


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