Fibonacci Twin Galaxies

Fibonacci Squares / Stars
89 x 89 x 3 cm
FineArt Print on Hahnemühle German Etching 310 g/m2
Alu Panel 1mm / Massivholz-PRM-Rahmen schwarz
Edition # 5+1
Artwork-ID: GC-FSQ-VI-89x89-X/5


Fibonacci Squares and Stars

The Fibonacci Squares collection shows arrangements of Fibonacci squares whose side lengths are Fibonacci numbers. The stars are formed from the squares by cutting out quarter circles at the four corners, which touch each other in the middle of the side of the square. This gives the stars very sharply converging rays. The distance from the tip to the opposite tip is the side length of the square and therefore a Fibonacci number.


For each Fibonacci number, a star of the corresponding size is formed, starting with a star of size 1. These are arranged so that the next larger star is always added to the tip of the previous star. The tip to which it is attached rotates 90º clockwise each time. This creates the well-known Fibonacci spiral along the connected star edges.

Fibonacci Twin Galaxies

Fibonacci Twin Galaxies is a composition of two identical, nested Fibonacci star spirals. Each star spiral represents a galaxy.

The stars are in semi-transparent yellow against a complementary dark blue background.

When viewed for a longer period of time, the background takes on its own objectivity, appearing to show two curved twin fetuses connected to each other via an umbilical cord.

This creates two images in one and gives the name Twin Galaxies a double meaning.