Infinite Shades of Yellow

Fibonacci Equilateral Triangles
34 x 55 x 1 cm
FineArt Print Pigment Ink on Hahnemühle William Turner 310 g/m2
Panel Dibond 2mm with Alu-C-Profil
Edition # 13+1
Artwork-ID: GC-FET-I-34x55-XX/13
Hommage à Hans Walser


Fibonacci Equilateral Triangles

The Fibonacci Equilateral Triangles collection shows arrangements of equilateral triangles whose side lengths correspond to the Fibonacci numbers. The side length of a single triangle is therefore the sum of the sides of the next two smaller triangles.

The colored areas grow as the square of the Fibonacci numbers. The color gradient reflects the distribution of a given amount of pigments over ever larger areas.


The two smallest triangles with side length 1 are rotated against each other at the origin. They are, so to speak, the origin of the picture, the big bang, or viewed from the other side, the “red” hole.

Starting from the first two triangles, each subsequent triangle is rotated 60º counterclockwise and touches the previous triangle on its outside. This creates a spirally growing figure. At the same time, an identical image of the figure entirely in white is created inside the figure. After every six turns, another round of the spiral is completed.