Cheers to Graphic Images

The clarity and lightness of constructive-concrete art radiates a harmony and aesthetics that goes well with design and architecture.

Stylist and journalist Marianne Kohler Nizamuddin↑ shares a fascination with graphic art. In her article Ein Hoch auf grafische Bilder↑  in the Tagesanzeiger, she takes a stand for their harmony and elegance. She gives style tips and shows 10 living ideas with graphic art. Kohler’s article inspires people to look at their living environment differently.

My fascination with abstract, graphic and constructive art stems from the core of simplicity, where nothing can be left out, but nothing is missing either. At this point, shapes, colors and proportions unfold their maximum effect and pure elegance.

In the case of Fibonacci Art, the proportions correspond to the golden section, because two consecutive forms are related to each other in this well-known proportion. Just as the sunflower does not know that its inflorescences follow a Fibonacci pattern, a viewer of the Fibonacci images need not know the nature of the patterns either. And yet you subconsciously feel the harmony in the picture. Similar to how you can hear the harmony of two tones even without any knowledge of music.

The artist Simone Christen↑., who lives in Far Hills, New Jersey, also follows a minimalist and yet different approach. She describes her paintings: «My paintings are abstract or non-representational, with a limited palette and content. I investigate how much – or how little – is required for colors, shapes and materials to reveal their essence and effect.» Convince yourself on Simone’s website↑.

Similar to Marianne Kohler Nizamuddin, the Berlin artist Steffi Düsterhöft↑ also sees a positive effect of images in the coexistence of people, spaces and images. She writes: «I am convinced that images and their deep origins influence the people who live with them. I believe that the energy, the feelings, the soul that goes into a painting radiates from it.” Her painting is abstract, often radically reduced and yet complex. It is gentle and comes from inner strength. You can see how that feels on Steffi’s Webseite↑.