FineArt Prints are manufactured with utmost care and with materials of the highest quality. They are precious and fragile, and require delicate and sensitive handling. If you follow the care instructions below you will continue to have enjoyment and delight with the artwork for a long time.

Paper: All limited edition FineArt Prints are printed on museum-quality, mould-made, heavyweight, 100% cotton paper that guarantees archival standards. The paper was chosen to meet the highest standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness while preserving the special touch and feel of genuine art paper.

Print: FineArt Prints use pigment-based inks that are solvent-free and acid-free. Pigment prints are also called Giclée prints. They guarantee longevity and resistance to light.

Panel: The print is mounted on a dibond aluminum composite panel with an aluminum C-profile for stability, protection and hanging purposes.

Handling: The paper and the ink are highly delicate and susceptible to abrasion by any kind of touching, wiping, or scratching. Wash and dry hands thoroughly before handling the artwork. Do not use any hand creams. Use the white gloves that come with the shipping to avoid tainting or damaging the print surface. Whenever possible hold the print at the aluminum C-profile in the back or at the edges of the dibond and avoid touching the surface.

Hanging: Do not hang exposed to direct sunlight for longer times.

Temperature: Hang and store ideally at a relative humidity of 35 to 65% and a temperature of 10° to 30°C (50° – 86°F.)

Transport: Keep the original shipment material for later transportation purposes. Never ship the artwork unprotected.

What you see on the Internet are photos of original images that have been subsequently edited by the photographer. In addition, every monitor displays colors slightly differently and the internet limits the color range. Therefore, it is unavoidable that the colors in the original picture are slightly different from your monitor picture.

I work with professional art printers and only use the highest quality inks. This allows me to guarantee that the colors of fine art prints are identical over time and within a series. So you get images over the Internet that are identical to those you can buy in galleries or art exhibitions.